Complex mobile communication
in the world of retail

Campaign management

The unique solution for remote management of your marketing communication using push notifications. Choose any template suitable for your communication.

Physical Network

Installation, set-up and management of the physical Beacon network in your store units. We offer the complete solution on a rent-basis.


The online panel offer standardized reporting system with an option of flexible and adjustable campaign analysis. There is an option of automatic reports in the PDF form.

Booking system

Offer your suppliers the media space in the Beacon network for direct communication with customers close to the products. Plan your campaigns ahead.

Prepared SDK

For the developers we have ensured prepared sets of development tools making it easier to implement our solution into your mobile application.


The whole system is in line with the newly redefined GDPR regulations. We do not work with the personal data of users, but only anonymous information about their location.

How it works?

Place the Beacons in your stores. Mobile phones of nearby customers enables capturing of the Beacon signal and you can immediately send out push notifications with a special offer or another content of your choice.

Types of Campaign

Discover the types of campaigns our solution offers.
  • Basic Campaign
  • Web Campaign
  • In-app event
  • Link with your CRM

Basic Campaign

Ideal for companies who are starting with proximity. Simple creation maintenance of the campaign without involving your development team.

Web Campaign

The web campaign is suitable in more advanced situations when client can view the whole content of microsite of your product after just a simple click on push-notifications.

In-App Event

This type of campaign enables a specified segment of customers to open pre-defined screens prepared by your developers team or unlock new segments of your application.

Link with your CRM

This type of campaign is ideal in situation, when you want to personalize push notifications or the content of a campaign on the basis of your internal database or CRM.

Simplest management of proximity campaigns

Don`t waste your time implementign your visuals. Use our unique editor and using predefined templates create a campaign within a few minutes. These templates can be customized according to your needs.

Additional services

We provide more than just the technical solutions.

Campaign Management

We will create and plan the campaign for you and afterwards evaluate it. Don‘t increase your staff costs.

Graphics and creative

Provide us with the photographs of your products. We will prepare the visuals of the campaign page including copywriting.

App developement

We will prepare the app concept and ensure its development for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Get in touch

Our solution is simple to setup, implement and manage. Tell us more about yourself and we will contact you with a tailored offer.